Extremely Valuable. Stacy shared her insights and gave me tactics that enabled me to work more effectively, have more confidence, and build stronger internal relationships.
— J.E.

Executive Coaching

Leaders at all levels have a responsibility to be clear, compassionate, and have a vision that inspires their teams and organizations. We help leaders identify their core strengths and build a solid foundation and “center” from which they can lead more effectively. We do this using five coaching roles.


We don’t take the obvious for granted. We help you ask and answer the difficult questions that are affecting you and your organization. Things like your responsibilities, organization purpose, and the type of leader you want to aspire to be. We help you unearth what really matters to you and how you can bring these pieces to your professional life.


We challenge you to think bigger, broader, more creatively, and to take away the box that we all normally live inside. We help you to understand the impact that you and your teams can have on your organization and on those with whom you interact.


We help you ask the un-askable questions, expand your view, and see what's possible. 


Being a leader can be lonely. We can help you understand the leadership process, illustrating stories and metaphors of others who have walked your path, learned, and overcome the limitations that were preventing them from being great. We always help you see and witness your strengths and take the next step and see what’s possible in yourself and in others. 


Often there is no place for leaders to think out loud or to know themselves deeply and allow this wisdom to bubble up and out. Through our observations, probing, and your reactions, we help you understand what’s beneath the surface, what’s driving you, and how you can lead from this centered place. 


Skillful Interaction

Do you know what’s possible if you communicate more effectively?  If you cultivate your ability to inspire and move others?  If you expand your reach? Do you find yourself getting angry, flustered, and have difficulty responding in the moment when something difficult comes up?

Many problems that leaders face are centered around our ability to communicate skillfully, especially under pressure or when we are “triggered” by something someone says or does. This is part of being human. 

Nevertheless, we can help you develop the capacity and skill to have more honest, frank, and generative conversations, even under stress and pressure. We bring years of work in this area, to help you return to center and let go of the emotions that get in the way of your greatness.

Strategic Planning

We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it. With that in mind, what course is your organization charting?  What parts of your organization and activities are you emphasizing/optimizing?  Are you focusing on the right things to accomplish your goals? Are you stuck? What can you be doing differently?

We have years of experience inside corporations building new strategic businesses units, teams, and working with all levels of management, including senior staff and boards of directors. We know how to help you generate a strategy, to change direction mid-course, how that affects employees, and how to deal with this change.

We can help you and your organization imagine a bigger mission, align and focus resources, and create the future outcomes that you and the organization want.