RJ Jennings


RJ is an experienced leader, executive coach and development consultant who motivates his clients to move deeper into their leadership roles, and to affect sustainable change. He inspires his clients to access their answers from within and helps them identify practices which lead to their unique leadership presence.  People who know RJ often state that his gift is to motivate, inspire and ignite change in others.

RJ assesses his clients across multiple domains which include: leading self, leading others, leading their organization and managing implementation. Each client is unique in their areas of strengths and room for growth and they look to RJ for guidance.

RJ believes that cultivating leadership is not just an intellectual exercise, it is also an embodiment practice. Developing true leadership qualities empowers the leader to approach each situation appropriately (i.e. with calm, poise and resolve). As a result others are motivated by their presence and willing to get on board with a common goal. These are qualities that RJ brings out in his clients.

Business & Coaching Experience

RJ has coached in a wide variety of organizations including Autodesk, Genentech, Gensler and Universal Studios/MCA to name a few.  He is also called on to speak at corporate events and teaches courses for individuals and groups, in the areas of Leadership Development and Executive Presence.

RJ’s rich experience in a variety of roles and industries has allowed him to build a diverse set of skills and expertise. His background includes high tech sales, sales management, recruiting, staffing and talent development.  In each of these roles his natural coaching acumen took center stage.  

RJ is inspired by the gift he’s given to help bring the best of each individual to life.  He inspires and motivates others to be fully present and bring their gifts to the world. 

In addition to his coaching practice, he mentors students in coaching programs, teaches leadership empowerment classes, is passionate about human rights  and holds a black belt in Aikido. 

If you don’t bring your gifts to the world, its not just you who misses out, the world misses out on a quality that you were meant to bring.
— RJ Jennings